Private door to door transfer, from Faro Airport to Granada, Spain

In search of a private door to door transfer, from Faro Airport to Granada, Spain? Book it ahead of time!

This shuttle service, a round trip, private door to door transfer, provides you ground with transportation for 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16 passengers. Ask us about pickup and drop-off services to your hotel. Book your transfer and let us do the rest: arrive in style in our fleet with free WiFi on board.

There are many reasons to visit Granada. The one city that truly evokes the essence of Spain is Granada. A cross-roads of civilizations since time immemorial, it is a vibrant, friendly and lively metropolis full of culture. The Alhambra stands on a hilltop overlooking a city that attracts around three million visitors every year. Starting in AD 711, the Umayyad conquest of Hispania brought large parts of the Iberian Peninsula under Moorish control and established Al-Andalus. In the early 11th century, after a civil war that ended the Caliphate, the Berber Zawi ben Ziri established an independent kingdom for himself (the Taifa of Granada) with Illiberis as its capital. Jewish people were established in another area close to Illiberis, called Gárnata or Gárnata al-Yahūd (“Granada of the Jews”). Granada’s historical name in the Arabic language was غرناطة (Ġarnāṭah). The Alhambra is a Nasrid “palace city”. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. It is certainly Granada’s most emblematic monument and one of the most visited in Spain. It consists of a defensive zone, the Alcazaba, together with others of a residential and formal state character, the Nasrid Palaces and, lastly, the palace, gardens and orchards of El Generalife.

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