Private shuttle, round trip: from Podgorica, Montenegro to Berat, Albania

Are you in need of a private shuttle, round trip, from Montenegro to Berat, Albania? Book it ahead of time!

This private shuttle, round trip airport transfer service provides you ground with private transportation for 1-4 passengers. Ask us about pickup and drop-off services to your hotel. Reserve your round trip transfer here!

Albania. Go your own way. In this small Mediterranean country, virgin nature and cultural mysteries come together to create a unique sense of place. From the pure, white snow of the mountains to the red fields of spring poppies, Albania’s landscape is ever-changing with the seasons, offering visitors a warm, summer beach holiday, or a challenging mountain trek during the fall. There, visitors are welcomed as guests as part of the country’s rich cultural traditions and heritage. The warm hospitality of Albanians will make everyone feel at home in this small, wonderful land. While there, visit Berat. It’s a 2,400-year-old town in south-central Albania, known as “the town of a thousand windows”. One of the oldest and most beautiful towns there, settlements have existed there since at least the 6th century BC. It was then a fortified settlement of the Greek Dassaretae tribe on the old border between Illyria and Epirus. The old town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in July 2008. Berat’s ancient citadel looms high above the newer part of the city. You can get up there on a tricky cobblestone path. There’s been a fortress here since the 300s, but the walls and towers as they appear today are from the 1200s.

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